This house is a total creative blast. The feeling of it is almost impossible to describe as the location and the interior is so unique and full of aesthetics in every little nook and cranny of it all.

If you are a family or three friends this house is perfect. It is spacious and tucked into nature between rice-field views, the gardens and the trickling jungle. It has a few different parts of the lounge which invites for gatherings infused in the sounds of the jungle. 



The Tower has a super cool lounge area which stretches out into the jungle, fully equipped kitchen, a super cool bathroom, one ground-floor bedroom, a sleeping loft and a tower with a bedroom and top-floor work-space. All beds are 140 cm. 

When you rent this house you also have access to the shared garden, the pool and the sunset rooftop veranda.


160 USD/day

960 USD/week

Inquire for monthly prices. 

All prices incl tax and service charges.


This place makes my heart sing.

"This place makes my heart sing, and my eyes well up in gratitude and awe of the beauty and spirit of the houses, the land and the people who live and work here. There is breathtaking beauty and soul in every detail, wonders for all the senses, and the peace... Oh, the peace. To be here is so profoundly healing to body, mind and soul. Thank you, everyone, for welcoming us to your gardens. We will remember this for Life..."

— Lise Grönstad

How to describe the indescribable?.

“How to describe the indescribable? Serine, sublime, secluded and a sanctuary. The beauty and peace which flows in, through and over this plot of land is beyond anything we experienced before. We stayed in The Gardens, and The Gardens will stay with us. Design, harmony and tranquility beautifully sewn together by this sense of a Balinese family. Thankyou!!”

— Derek Barkas

Beautiful, soulful and relaxing.

“I stayed for a week at Trinity Garden. Three words come to mind : beautiful, soulful and relaxing. The creators sensitivity is everywhere. Their art and the magic of nature transport you to a calm place of creativity, insights and openness. 
Highly recommended to anyone who want to experience Bali, and specifically Ubud, in a radical beautiful and authentic way. 
Amazing spas, rice fields walks, yoga room and restaurants within walking distance.
Thank you everyone for making my stay so beautiful.”

— Samiel Carolina


Rejuvenate as one with nature, listen to the pulse of the earth and let the inspiration for wonderous things flow...